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Mobile Web Design: A Crash Course

The world of mobile devices is a torrential down-pour of changing features, costs, form-factors, popularity, software… everything. Designing websites for this constantly changing market is akin to the early 2000’s when new, feature-rich, standards-compliant web browsers were all the rage but you still had to support the older, market-hungry, feature-dumb, standards-ignorant browsers. Fortunately, todays mobile […]

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Mobile Commerce, Thanks Japan!

What is the future of mobile? Where is mobile going? What are it’s fledgling markets? This article, Teens and Their Mobile Phones, had these questions rampaging through my skull. Those are some pretty heavy questions expected of a simple infographic. I wouldn’t be taking such an interest in it if I didn’t believe that todays […]

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Party in Augmented Reality

I stumbled upon this interesting little video today: So, it’s kind of a boring video. Just a bunch of Brazilian party-goers oggling a giant screen and waving their arms in the air. Turns out this is a great use of Augmented Reality: it’s on a large scale, it’s interactive, it’s multi-user and apparently very engaging. […]

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Esquire’s AR Attempt Falls Short

Augmented reality (AR) has finally been brought to mainstream, albeit dated, print media. Esquire showcased AR in the December 2009 issue of their high-profile magazine — but that’s really all that happened. Anyone with the issue of the magazine and a webcam can experience Esquire’s AR goodness. They’ve littered the issue with AR markers, so […]

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Free your Unity 3D

Why is a free version of Unity 3D such a big deal? First off, Unity 3D kicks ass. Secondly, the ability to build and deploy high-quality 3D applications is available to everyone for the low, low price of $0. Thirdly, the SDK is already mature and full of great features. The 3rd party, open source […]

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Color Programming in Flash

When I first thought about trying to wrap code around color values in Actionscript, years ago, I was super intimidated. I conjured up ideas that it was a world full of complex algorithms and crack-brained theories. That’s really about half true. If your goal is some crazy results then you’re probably going to be dealing […]

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Create an Over-The-Shoulder Camera in Away3D

The Backstory This tutorial is an accident. No really, a total accident. I was putting together a totally different tutorial when I thought it would be cool to throw Boba Fett in it and explore stuff. So, that unfinished tutorial gave rise to this tutorial. The Description I’m not actually sure if it’s called an […]

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Load and Animate an MD2 Model in Away3D

The Backstory Nearly every 3D Flash project I’ve recently developed has needed at least one 3D model for something. So my next logical Away3D adventure was exploring model loading. The Description Just looking over the list of loaders in the away3d.loaders package is impressive.  Seeing all those supported types right out of the box just […]

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